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Starting a Company with EML at the Core

Students start a company using concepts they learned in the EML program.

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EML Student Spotlight

Current and alumni EML students talk about the impact that the EML program had on their lives and their careers.

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USC Price’s EML program is a top-tier leadership program that transforms leaders and prepares them for the new challenges that face organizations today.

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Organizations need leaders who can build and lead high-performing teams, lead by values and instill the organization’s vision while motivating diverse groups to work together to achieve consistent progress. What got you to this point in your career won’t get you to where you want to go. More than ever, leaders today need to know themselves well, understand a new way of thinking about solving problems and adopt new skill sets that will propel their organization to new heights. No other masters program prepares executives like the Executive Master of Leadership (EML) program at the University of Southern California (USC). The program is transformational and equips leaders to make an immediate and lasting impact on their organizations.

—David Robertson




Follow this blog series about how two EML entrepreneurial students, Justin Moschina and David Robertson (C6) applied concepts and ideas to their start-up company, theGRADproject.

From their focus on their shared values and the future that they wanted to create, the EML duo have launched a profitable company that is leading their and their industry to new heights. Click here to read the blog series.




Students report that the EML program gives them a unique competitive edge in the marketplace by delivering what matters the most. This graph shows the top attributes of the program that students found the most valuable.

  • Practical concepts that could be applied immediately 100%
  • Personal Development Plan 95%
  • 360 degree leadership analysis 90%
  • USC Trojan network 85%
  • Access to Thought Leaders 92%
  • Life changing / Transformational 95%
  • Confidence that Program will Contribute to Promotability 98%
  • Confidence that the Program/Experience has Prepared Executive to Lead Effectively 99.6%



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